Mechanism of action & application idromed®5

Electricity instead of medicine
Tap water iontophoresis treatment can be performed with the idromed®5 as long-term therapy with pulsed direct current (PS) or constant direct current (GS), depending on the indication. During the treatment, pulsed or constant direct current is conducted via special electrodes (direct voltage source) into the affected body parts through the medium of water. This is done via two affected extremities which are connected to the DC voltage source so that an ion current flow can occur. Affected parts of the body, such as the hands or feet, are placed in tubs filled with tap water. In underarm treatment, electricity flows through the wet comfort sponge pockets. The positively charged ions dissolved in the water and in the body flow through the body into the cathode (negative pole electrode), and the negatively charged ions flow into the anode (positive pole electrode). This current flow normalises perspiration without damaging the glands themselves.

User requirement & contraindications
The idromed®5 can be operated by persons aged 12 and up. The treatment may only be administered to children younger than 12 under the supervision of an adult. For the following contraindications, the dermalight® 500R should not be used or should only be used after consultation with the treating physician: cardiac arrhythmias, electronically controlled implants (pacemakers), metal implants in the area of current flow, intrauterine implants containing metal (IUDs), pregnancy, major skin defects, insensitivity to pain stimuli.

Cost-effective & convenient treatment that can even be used at home
The idromed®5 can be used not only in the doctor’s office or in the clinic; its safe and simple operation makes the product ideal for treatment at home. It can be conveniently prescribed by the attending physician and the prescription sent to Dr Hönle Medizintechnik GmbH for processing with the health insurance company. Since the product is an approved aid, the costs can be covered by the respective health insurance company in most cases.

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