dermalight® 1000

For flexible standing, lying and sitting UV wholebody therapy

The dermalight® 1000 swivels steplessly by 90 degrees and thus enables standing, lying and sitting applications. Local therapies, e.g. in the back or neck region, can also be performed effortlessly with the adjustable UV-proof shutter. An imprinted measuring stick simplifies the precise determination of the irradiated region. The stepless height adjustment ensures the ideal therapy spacing, even when the patient is recumbent. Thanks to the mobile fixed stand the unit can be conveniently brought to the treatment site and space-savingly stored.


The dermalight® 1000 can be swiveled steplessly by 90 degrees and thus enables applications in standing, lying and sitting. Local therapies, e.g. back or neck area can be easily carried out. The stepless height adjustment guarantees the ideal treatment distance even when lying down.


Thanks to the mobile, fixed tripod, the device can be conveniently brought to the treatment site and stored in a space-saving manner.

Who changes the lamps?

The lamps are changed by our trained service personnel. Click here for the contact form.

Exact Dosing

The integrated microprocessor control enables either the exact setting of the treatment time or the dose. The emitters switch off automatically after the selected treatment time. This ensures that there is no overdose. If there is an interruption, the remaining irradiation time is saved. Thanks to the high UV intensity, treatment times are minimized, which reduces the physical strain on the patient.

Special features

  • Ideal for use in the clinic, practice and at home
  • Variable spotlights for different therapies
  • Focused radiation for short therapy times
  • UV-tight blinds for partial body radiation (optional)
  • Mobile and space-saving device tripods in different versions
  • Microprocessor control with time limit and safety shutdown
  • Ergonomic shape
  • The acrylic glass pane protects against direct contact and contamination of the spotlights
  • Can be equipped with eight or twelve spotlights
  • Choice of time or dose control with operating hours counter

Indications UV-B 311 nm

Indications UV-A
Psoriasis (PUVA-Therapy)
Polymorphus photodermatosis

U-Tripod Dimensions: 920 x 700 x 1950 mm
U-Tripod 8 Radiation Sources: 900 W power
U-Tripod 12 Radiation Sources: 1300 W power

T-Tripod Dimensions: 720 x 510 x 1950 mm
T-Tripod 8 Radiation Sources: 900 W power
T-Tripod 12 Radiation Sources: 1300 W power

Mains Connection: 230 V/50 Hz

We reserve the right to make technical changes

Spectral range of the radiation source:
UV-B narrow band (311 nm)
UV-A (320-410 nm) (PUVA)
UV-A (340-400 nm)
UV-A1 (365-375 nm)

Download our prescription template and talk to your doctor.

Please note: The regulations, as well as the further processing and procedure (e.g. preparation of a cost estimate, classification of costs, etc.) only valid within Germany.

Application for reimbursement of the costs of a UV irradiation device (PDF)
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