dermalight daylight PDT®

The Energy of Sunlight


PDT with daylight has been used successfully for years and has been shown in clinical studies to be equally effective compared to conventional red light PDT. Red light PDT causes more pain than daylight PDT many times over. However, daylight PDT is highly dependent on the time of year and day as well as weather and temperature. The dermalight daylight-PDT® eliminates these variables and ensures a reproducible, safe and effective course of treatment at all times.

The absorption spectrum of the photosensitizer is reproduced via LEDs specially developed for medical phototherapy. Using visible light in the range of 415, 500, 540, 585 and 630 nanometres, uniform activation of the photosensitizer is achieved at every tissue depth. The irradiation is thus free of the ultraviolet and infrared components of sunlight that are not needed for the treatment to succeed.

Compact data

Protection features

  • LED monitoring system
  • Overtemperature protection
  • Patient shut-off
  • Monitoring system for unit cooling
  • Acoustic warning in case of error



  • Constant cooling of light sources
  • Reproducible and uniform activation of the photosensitizer
  • Spectrum specially tailored to the photosensitizer
  • Long LED service life



  • Large swivel range of support arm
  • Adjustable height of irradiation head for sitting and lying treatment
  • No UV and infrared light and with no additional UV protection necessary


Areas of application

  • Scalp
  • flat areas of skin
  • Extremities

Unit dimensions (LxWxH)
120 x 72 x 210 cm

approx. 65 kg

Radiation outlet
25 x 18 cm (5x)

Power supply
220 – 240 V, 50 Hz

Class according to MPG & labelling
IIa / CE0123

Subject to technical changes

:8080 /dist