The individual multi-talent of UV cabins


An efficient irradiation cabin – individually tailored for everyone
The UV irradiation cabinet series dermalight®3000R offers an individual, high-performance solution in the field of UV total body exposure for everyone. The cabin geometry ensures that the human body is irradiated homogeneously in the entire irradiation area. Special reflectors installed behind the emitters increase the intensity of the radiation in the modules. This gives the patient a relatively low treatment time. The variable emitter height allows the UV booth to be implemented even in rooms with low ceilings. Devices such as a patient emergency stop switch or patient collapse detection maximise patient safety. maximieren die Patientensicherheit.

Compact data

Protection features

  • Acrylic glass pane protects against direct contact & soiling of the spotlight
  • Meets all standards of the current state of the art
  • Has current test reports issued by an accredited test laboratory
  • Patient safety goggles protect users from UV radiation
  • Integrated temperature safety cut-off
  • Maximum patient safety (emergency stop, patient alarm and viewing window)
  • Emitter failure detection (optional)



  • High irradiance, meaning short irradiation times
  • Intensive, even irradiation due to optimised reflectors
  • Emitters have long service life due to electronic ballasts
  • Homogeneous irradiation (emitters arranged in a circle)
  • Continuous, redundant recording of irradiance (sensor technology)
  • Adaptive unit cooling with filter mats (dosable)



  • Large, two-piece hinged door for convenient access
  • Interior lighting
  • Ramp for easy access
  • Individual emitter equipment possible
  • Optional dose or time control
  • Large touch screen
  • Storage space for clothing, goggles and documents


Areas of application

  • Full body

Unit dimensions (LxWxH)
100 x 100 x 220 cm (100W cabin)
140 x 140 x 220 cm (100W cabin)
140 x 140 x 240 cm (120W cabin)

approx. 400 kg

Radiation outlet (WxH)
41 x 200 cm (each module)

Power supply
230V (up to 28 emitters)
400V (28 spotlights or more)

Class according to MPG & labelling
IIa / CE0123

Subject to technical changes

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