dermalight® 2000

A flexible UV booth suitable for everyone


The all-rounder in UV therapy – saves space, time and costs all at the same time!
The dermalight®2000 offers partial and total body exposure in the smallest of spaces due to its mobility as well as its compact and variable design. This light and open design reduces the feeling of constriction for the patient and also allows larger or claustrophobic persons to be treated comfortably. The ergonomic shape ensures homogeneous all-round irradiation with short treatment times. In the partial body area, the modular system is conducive to excellent irradiation results on any skin area. The integrated louvre in one of the modules guarantees efficient partial body exposure. The dermalight®2000 is thus a particularly economical combination device for almost any task in UV phototherapy. Thanks to the variable spotlight equipment and the two separable, powerful spotlight modules, the unit can be individually adapted to the respective areas of application.

Compact data

Protection features

  • Acrylic glass pane protects against direct contact & soiling of the spotlight
  • Meets all standards of the current state of the art
  • Has current test reports issued by an accredited test laboratory
  • Patient safety goggles protect users from UV radiation
  • Microprocessor control with time limit and safety shutdown



  • High irradiance, meaning short irradiation times
  • Intensive, even irradiation due to optimised reflectors
  • Emitters have long service life due to magnetic ballasts
  • Operating hours counter (only with dose control)



  • Handy, light and convenient to store
  • Mobile, space-saving tripod
  • Separable & individually controllable modules (optional)
  • UV light-proof louvre for partial body exposure
  • Individual emitter equipment possible
  • Optional dose or time control
  • Modules individually controllable (optional)


Areas of application

  • Full body
  • Optional: Partial body exposure with louvre (T-stand)


Indications UV-B 311 nm
Vitamin D deficiency

Indications UV-A
Psoriasis (PUVA therapy)
Polymorphic light eruption

Module dimensions (LxWxH)
83 x 57 x 192 cm

Total width dimensions (WxH)
110 x 192 cm

35 – 45 kg per module

Radiation outlet
61 x 173 cm per module

7.5 mW/cm² (24 x UVB311nm)
12.3 mW/cm² (12 x UVA)
2.5 mW/cm² (12 x UVB311nm)

Power supply
230V AC, 50Hz

Class according to MPG & labelling
IIa / CE0123

Scope of delivery
• 1 dermalight®2000 (dep. on version)
• 2 pair of UV-protective goggles (patient)
• 1 pair of UV-protective goggles (prof.)
• 1 instruction manual
• 1 jalousie
• 1 patient journal
• 2 short timer

Subject to technical changes

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