dermalight®80R Woodlight

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In addition to UVA irradiation, the dermalight®80R UVA Woodlight is used to detect the fluorescence of disease foci and assess pigment changes. The Woodlight should always be used when the diagnosis between a melanoma/melanocyte hyperplasia and a haematoma is clinically inconclusive. The melanoma or melanocyte hyperplasia is black under Woodlight, the haematoma is burgundy under Woodlight.
The dermalight®80R UVA Woodlight is also used for fluorescence diagnostics (FD) for in vivo diagnostics of dysplastic tissues and superficial tumours in conjunction with a locally or systemically applied dye, e.g. PPIX or 5-ALA, which are used in photodynamic therapy.

Compact data

Protection features

  • Acrylic glass pane protects against direct contact & soiling of the spotlight
  • External control box enables convenient, safe and easy control of the unit
  • Patient safety goggles protect users from UV radiation



  • Precise determination of the erythema threshold
  • Control independent of skin
  • Easy handling for hard-to-reach areas of the body
  • Short treatment times due to high intensity
  • Large homogeneous irradiation field due to optimised reflectors



  • Handy, light and convenient to store
  • The removable comb attachment serves as a spacer and is dishwasher safe


Areas of application

  • Diagnostic system for determining the erythema threshold before starting UV therapy



  • Skin mycoses
  • Alterations in pigmentation
  • Erythrasma
  • Neurofibromatosis (Recklinghausen‘s disease)
  • Chronic photodamage
  • Bourneville-Pringle disease
  • Favus
  • Tricobacteriosis axillaris

Control box dimensions (LxWxH)
15 x 9 x 5,5 cm

Comb dimensions (LxWxH)
30 x 6 x 4,5 cm

Light emission (LxW)
11 x 4 cm

Mains connection
110 V – 240 V / 50/60 Hz (wide range)

Subject to technical changes

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